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Bill is a Certified Financial Fiduciary and upholds the highest standards of honesty, fairness, integrity and professionalism. Bill is a native Floridian and was transferred to Michigan in 1995 by his employer at the time, NBD Bank.  Bill and his wife Charlotte have been married 41 years and have four adult children and three grandchildren. Bill received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida State University with a major in Finance and a minor in Real Estate. ​Bill has been helping clients manage their financial lives since 1988.  Bill spent 13 years in banking as a Trust Officer in Florida and Michigan, 5 years as a broker with Smith Barney in Troy, MI and has owned his own firm since 2004, located in Almont, MI which is 40 miles north of Detroit. At the end of 2014 Bill exited the securities side of his practice to offer only “Safe Money” programs for his clients.  While offering “At Risk” investments such as mutual funds, ETFs and individually managed portfolios of stocks and bonds as a licensed securities advisor, and now as a “Safe Money” professional exclusively, Bill has always put his clients’ interests first.  While securities licensed, Bill maintained a perfectly clean record with FINRA, which you can check for yourself by going to FINRA Broker Check.

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7 days ago

In this episode, Bill Duggan discusses various conspiracy theories, exploring their origins and the reasons why they gain traction among certain groups. He delves into the psychology behind why people believe in conspiracy theories, touching on factors such as distrust in authority, the need for simple explanations to complex problems, and the role of social media in spreading these theories. Duggan also examines a few specific conspiracy theories, providing context and examining the evidence, or lack thereof, that supports them. The discussion highlights the importance of critical thinking and skepticism when evaluating information.

Thursday Jul 04, 2024

Bill opens with a historical reference to the proverb, "you can't have your cake and eat it too," highlighting its relevance to retirement planning. He provocatively suggests that, contrary to popular belief, individuals can indeed safeguard their finances while pursuing growth opportunities.
Employing a thought-provoking scenario, Bill underscores the profound impact of market crashes on retirement funds, emphasizing the challenge of recovering from significant losses. He introduces fixed indexed annuities as a viable solution, offering principal protection and potential interest accrual based on external indexes, thereby shielding retirees from market volatility.

Thursday Jun 27, 2024

Bill begins by reflecting on the aphorism, "scared money makes no money," acknowledging the truth in taking calculated risks for financial growth. However, he warns against the unseen costs of potential losses and the toll they take on individuals' peace of mind, especially as retirement looms closer.
Highlighting the unpredictability of market fluctuations, Bill introduces fixed indexed annuities as a strategic tool for principal protection and accumulation potential without market exposure. He emphasizes the importance of reducing stress over money, particularly in retirement, where financial stability is paramount.
Drawing on historical market crashes, such as the "lost decade" from 2000 to 2009, Bill underscores the devastating impact of market downturns on retirees' portfolios and retirement plans. He contrasts this with the security offered by fixed indexed annuities, which shield retirees from market volatility while ensuring steady growth.

Thursday Jun 20, 2024

Using analogies from insurance practices, Bill underscores the importance of mitigating risks despite their minimal probabilities. Just as homeowners insure their properties against fire or individuals purchase life insurance to protect their loved ones, he advocates for insuring retirement funds against market volatility.
Bill highlights the statistical likelihood of market losses, urging listeners to consider strategies like fixed indexed annuities that provide a shield against market downturns while offering growth potential. He emphasizes the importance of reviewing existing insurance policies and offers complimentary consultations to assess coverage adequacy.

Thursday Jun 13, 2024

Bill starts by debunking the common fixation on investment returns without considering their purpose. He highlights the significance of asking, "For what purpose?" when assessing investment strategies, as emotions tied to gains or losses can cloud financial decision-making.
Drawing parallels between building a house and building a retirement plan, Bill underscores the need for a clear purpose in financial endeavors. Just as a house is designed with specific rooms and safety features to serve its occupants, retirement planning should prioritize fulfilling meaningful objectives.

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Bill begins by recounting a conversation with a listener, Joe, who mentioned his friend's impressive 22% investment return. Bill challenges the notion, questioning whether the gains were realized or merely theoretical. He elucidates the fallacy of measuring success based on isolated investment returns without considering the overall financial picture.
Highlighting the importance of long-term financial security, Bill introduces fixed indexed annuities as a means to safeguard gains and mitigate market risks. He stresses the significance of understanding the true nature of investment returns and ensuring that gains are permanent and protected from loss.
Listeners are encouraged to adopt a prudent approach to retirement planning, focusing on strategies that offer stability and guaranteed income. Bill invites them to explore fixed indexed annuities as a reliable means to secure their financial future.

Thursday May 30, 2024

Introducing the concept of fixed indexed annuities, Bill offers a solution that provides opportunities for market-based gains without risking losses. He highlights the importance of safeguarding retirement income against longevity risk, emphasizing the need to live retirement to its fullest potential without financial constraints.
Listeners are encouraged to envision a retirement plan with a guaranteed income floor, providing peace of mind and confidence in their financial future. Bill invites them to explore personalized solutions tailored to their needs, including strategies for spousal survivorship and long-term care.

Thursday May 23, 2024

Bill begins by highlighting the pitfalls of traditional financial planning, where questions about risk tolerance often overshadow crucial inquiries about income needs and guarantees. Drawing parallels between college degree planning and retirement planning, he stresses the necessity of prioritizing financial security over arbitrary investment decisions.

Thursday May 16, 2024

Title: "Don't Worry, Be Happy: Securing Your Retirement with Fixed Annuities"
Summary:Step into the world of guaranteed retirement happiness with host Bill Duggan on the Safe Retirement Money Guy podcast. In this episode, Bill expertly weaves together insights from Bobby McFerrin's timeless anthem "Don't Worry, Be Happy" with the practical wisdom of retirement planning.
As Bill reflects on McFerrin's song and its universal appeal, he draws parallels to the financial realities facing today's seniors. With a focus on fixed annuities, Bill unveils a path to financial security that transcends mere optimism. He challenges listeners to move beyond the rhetoric of financial advice and confront the harsh truths of retirement planning.
Through a compelling comparison, Bill illuminates the transformative power of fixed annuities in providing guaranteed income and peace of mind. He invites listeners to cast aside the burden of financial worry and embrace a future where retirement dreams become reality.

Saturday May 11, 2024

In this episode, Bill delves into the prevalent yet often misunderstood concept of spend down income planning. He reveals the flaws in traditional spend down strategies, emphasizing the speculative nature of growth estimates and the risks associated with market-based accounts. Bill contrasts this with annuity-based income planning, which offers contractually guaranteed outcomes, ensuring financial security without reliance on uncertain market performance. He dissects the historical 4% withdrawal rule, debunking its effectiveness and highlighting the importance of understanding sequential rate of return risk. Bill advocates for fixed indexed annuity contracts, which provide guaranteed lifetime income, offering a solution to income uncertainty in retirement. Tune in to learn how to safeguard your retirement savings and step into a secure future with confidence.


Bill Duggan

Over the years Bill has been or still is involved in several non-profits as a volunteer.  These organizations include The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Detroit as an Advisory Council Member, Four County Community Foundation in Almont, MI as a Trustee with service on the Investment Committee and the Grant Committee, and Bill’s Church where he serves as an usher and volunteers for other duties as needed.  Bill also serves as a Men’s Core Group Leader for Community Bible Study, an international, non-denominational in depth Bible Study organization. 

​Bill enjoys studying the living word of God, evangelizing for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, fishing, hunting and riding his bike.  In the past, Bill was very active as a licensed private pilot and scuba diver.

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